Novus Dynamic Portfolio

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Novus Dynamic Portfolio

About subfund

 A sub-fund is an active multi-strategy alternative of portfolio management services. The objective of a sub-fund is to produce strong and consistent returns that are independent from economic growth phases and have low correlation to global equity and bond markets. A higher than average risk level is assumed. Strategies used in sub-fund management employ the methods of fundamental, statistical and factor analysis. A part of these strategies is partially automated based on statistical models and operates independently. A Sub-fund can simultaneously invest in the following independent investment strategies:

  • Fixed income
  • Global Macro
  • Trend following
  • Special situation
  • Growth stories
  • Tactical trading

Such allocation of capital can maximise the possibilities to produce strong and consistent returns without limiting investment to a single asset type or investment strategy. Also such a diversification across independent strategies helps to minimize the volatility of a sub-fund and reduce its dependence on a single strategy or asset type.

In order to control and minimize sub-fund volatility, active risk management tools are employed. Funds can be distributed between strategies depending on the evaluations of their past results. If a certain strategy is displaying negative results, a part of the assess can be transferred to another strategy with positive results. Potential losses of each individual investment strategy and of each separate investment into financial means are limited this way, thus reducing sub-fund volatility.

Sub-fund assets can be in invested in different asset classes: shares, debt securities, securities, and other fixed income means, currencies, other investment funds, and derivatives. There are no limitations or asset classes, therefore sub fund holders can invest up to 100 % of their sub-fund assets into each of the regions or asset classes.

The minimal sum for a sub-fund investment is 10,000 €.

Benchmark of the sub-fund consists of 100% S&P 500 EUR index.